Handmade by Frozen Peach

Launching fall 2022

If you have a medical fundraiser (auction or raffle) coming up in the Morris, MN area please contact me no less than 4-6 weeks in advance and let me know what you’d be interested in as a donation. I’d be honored to participate with a handmade item!

While my online store and pre-mades will launch later this year if you need a custom(ized) small, simple item made or just a touch of calligraphy as a gift please reach out no less than 2-4 weeks in advance. For more complicated items please allow 4-6 weeks or more in advance, thank you. Keep in mind that items on this web store are in limited supply, and mainly seasonal. Available within US only on a limited basis.

I’ll be busier this summer between local theater and concerts etc so the store will remain on catalog mode until I’m ready to launch. I will likely keep the handmade things as a seasonal part-time operation from fall through winter & into mid spring 2023, taking a break during the summer.

I’m busy converting pre-made smaller bows into some hair accessories, and I’m also going to get some wreaths ready-made as well. I’ll be taking new photos to add to the store items soon. The hair accessories will be a limited run first come first serve, as I have limited supply. The weather still isn’t ideal yet so doing what I can at the moment until its more comfortable.

Not gonna lie, turning the big 4-0 in just under 6 months is mind-boggling to me. I swear I just turned 21! To celebrate I’ll be opening my online store here limited within the US only, with as few shipments as possible. I will accept Paypal & Stripe payments, or if local area cash limited to not over $20 bills.