Handmade by Frozen Peach

Summer break and first paid wreath

I’m on a mini break after being so busy the past several weeks, and before I’m busy again the next couple weeks. I’ve finally finished a personal project, the shirt I’ll be wearing for the Chesney concert in early August! I also just completed the first customer requested sunflower wreath, though I’ve improved it from the 1 I made Mom with limited supplies. I still had the “muscle memory” from making the 1st one so this new flower wreath went much faster.

Its for a family friend, the other wreaths will need to wait until after Labor Day when I’ll be able to find more fall colored supplies. I’m going to start with a few limited “harvest” themed wreaths and Christmas. I prefer not to ship wreaths so I’ll only make a few to offer locally until the demand picks up.

I’m entering my total lunar eclipse pic (framed) and the square American flag wreath at the local fair in a couple weeks.